About the Journal

Jurnal Pengelolaan Sumberdaya Alam Lingkungan Wilayah Pesisir (Journal of Environmental Natural Resource Management of Coastal Areas) is a peer-reviewed journal, E-ISSN 3031-741X, which provides insight scientific knowledge into the diverse dimensions of integrated environmental and natural resource management. The journal aims to provide a platform for exchange and distribution of the knowledge and cutting-edge research in the fields of environmental science and natural resource management to academicians, scientists and researchers. The journal accepts a varied array of manuscripts on all aspects of environmental science and natural resource management. The journal scope covers the integration of multidisciplinary sciences for prevention, control, treatment, environmental clean-up and restoration. The study of the existing or emerging problems of environment and natural resources in the region of Southeast Asia and the creation of novel knowledge and/or recommendations of mitigation measures for sustainable development policies are emphasized.
The subject areas are diverse, but specific topics of interest include:

    • Biodiversity
    • Climate change
    • Detection and monitoring of polluted sources e.g., industry, mining
    • Disaster e.g., forest fire, flooding, earthquake, tsunami, or tidal wave
    • Ecological/Environmental modelling
    • Emerging contaminants/hazardous wastes investigation and remediation
    • Environmental dynamics e.g., coastal erosion, sea level rise
    • Environmental assessment tools, policy and management e.g., GIS, remote sensing, Environmental Management System (EMS)
    • Environmental pollution and other novel solutions to pollution
    • Remediation technology of contaminated environments
    • Transboundary pollution
    • Waste and wastewater treatments and disposal technology
    • Coastal Areas
    • Environmental Natural Resource Management

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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023): Juli-Desember
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Published: 2023-11-27


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