About the Journal

JURNAL AKUNTANSI [JAKI] is an electronic scientific journal published online twoce a years. JURNAL AKUNTANSI aims to improve the quality of science and channel the interest of sharing and dissemination of knowledge for scholars, students, practitioners, and the observer of science in accounting. JURNAL AKUNTANSI accepts the results of studies and research articles that have not been published in other media. The Scientific JURNAL AKUNTANSI (JAKI) is published six month by the Gayaku Publisher 

JURNAL AKUNTANSI covered various research approaches, namely: quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method. JURNAL AKUNTANSI focuses related on various themes, topics and aspects of accounting and investment, including (but not limited) to the following topics:

Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Public Sector Accounting
Sharia Accounting
Forensic Accounting
Behavioral Accounting (Including Ethics and Professionalism)
Accounting Education
Capital Markets and Investments
Accounting for Banking and Insurance
Accounting for SMEs
Accounting Information Systems
Environmental Accounting
Accounting for Rural Credit Institutions